God is Greater

From my view, my parents have had the most perfect marriage. They have been called “Barbie and Ken.” Not only are they beautiful together, it is so obvious how in love they truly are. After almost 30 years of marriage, my dad still holds my moms hand in the car. They still go on dates every week. They are crazy about each other. To be honest, it’s something I take a lot of pride in, being their daughter. 

Ever since I was five years old, I’ve dreamed about getting married. When my sister got married at nineteen, I knew that that’s what I wanted to do. I want to get married young, have kids and have the most beautiful family imaginable. As I get older, the craving of wanting to be loved by a man grows more and more. It eats me away, knowing that I still don’t even have a boyfriend and that things aren’t looking like I’ll be falling in love anytime soon. It sounds very exaggerated, but it mentally tears me apart. 

I met with my bestest friend in whole wide world, Jess. She reminded me of the truth. Which got me thinking, maybe I’m single because God is waiting for me to fall in love with him first, so that my future partner and I can ultimately have a relationship that glorifies Him. It is so hard for me to stay content in my singleness, when all my life i’ve dreamed of looking like a princess, with a huge wedding, marrying the man of my dreams. Yet, a man will never fill the hole inside of me. I don’t have a husband sized hole in my heart, I have a God sized hole. He will complete me more than any man can.

Photo by ELEVATE on Pexels.com

7 thoughts on “God is Greater

  1. 😭💞More BEAUTIFUL TRUTH!!!
    Yes when you fall fully in love with our Great God and wait patiently on His Perfect Plan & Man…HE will COMPLETE YOU, and then gift you with a Beautiful Blessed Relationship, like your parents☺️,to Glorify God with🙌🏼😇🙌🏼
    Just loved this and want to squeeze you❣️🤗❣️

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  2. Ash, my love for you runs deep! Thanks for always being so honest. I learn so much from our friendship! So grateful for you and thanks for all you’ve done for me! You are so appreciated!


  3. Your post is very thoughtful and wise. God is working within you daily to prepare you for the day that He has planned to introduce you to someone special. Good things take time.

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  4. I love you Ashley, and I LOVE your honesty. You are so wise! Keep seeking Him and everything will fall into place. I cant wait to see His plan for you unfold. ❤

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  5. Ashley, I love your writing! This one especially got me. It was beautifully written and insightful. I love your honest approach that lets everyone in. God knows the desires of your heart and He will fill your world very soon, you will see. Keep writing! Rob

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