Loneliness is usually described as the feeling when you are alone, but truth is, you can be in a crowd full of people and still feel alone. That’s what weird about loneliness. Personally, when I felt the most alone is when I had a boyfriend and a lot of friends. Why is that? How can I be around people all the time that “love” me and still feel so lonely? It was only a momentary fix. I wasn’t focused on what would truly make me feel wanted. I wasn’t focused on the only One who truly wanted me for me. I looked for friends and boys approval.

To be completely honest, this is still a struggle I face every day. I tend to find my worth in my relationships. Mostly boys and friends. I often feel lonely when I don’t get the boy I wants attention or when my “friends” don’t invite me to things. This can easily slip into a deep path of putting your worth in others, which leads to loneliness, which ultimately leads to depression.

What I have realized, is that the only thing that will ever make me feel seen is God. He is the only one that will be with me no matter what. He knows everything about me. My deepest secret, my thoughts, and my mistakes and He still chooses me. He wants me even when I don’t want him. He wants me when no one else does. Thats one of the most beautiful things about Christianity.


  1. This will be a life long struggle Ashley as we always tend to seek our worth in every place but the One and only True Place where our heart truly belongs — God is patient and ever the gentleman but time is not on our side— we must seek Him, for the day is waning and day’s light is growing dim—
    One thing I’ve learned, and it’s always been the hard way, is that God will not share us— He wants us fully and totally, 100%— his and his alone.
    He will fill those empty spots in your heart— I think He’s already filled a big spot with your mom! 😍

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  2. I admire your honesty. I felt your message is that God knows us like no one else and we can be honest when talking to him because it is impossible to hide anything. I felt my message was to you that each of us can too harsh in our appraisal of ourselves – try to see the qualities that God sees in you and loves. Perhaps you empathize well, you are trying to improve yourself, you take time to be quiet and smile at nature. I think God will have you know your life is not this day but a path and where you are now is much different than November 10, 2021 – you will be surprised how far you how gone – don’t be afraid to take one step at a time. Hugs, David

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  3. Such BEAUTIFUL Truths😭I love EVERYTHING about this, especially the fact that He knows us (better than we even know ourselves) and still Love, Cherishes and Chooses us over and over🙌🏼🥰🙌🏼

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