In seventh grade, I went to a winter camp over the weekend with the youth group I was attending at the time. The message was mainly about how “you are enough.” Almost five years later, I still have a sign in my room that my youth group leader made for me that says “enough.”

I loved this weekend, but back then, I didn’t realize the flaw in this message. In our culture, we are constantly preaching about how we are enough and how we are perfect. We aren’t! That’s why we need Christ. If we were enough and perfect, we wouldn’t need God.

Humans were perfect, until we sinned. We are not enough. We are broken. We are dirty. We are undeserving of life. We are sinners. We needed a Savior. Luckily, Jesus took on our sin. He took on the punishment we all deserved. He is the only one who is enough. He became enough FOR us. He knows about how corrupt we are, and yet He shows us perfect love.

We are not enough, that’s the beautiful thing about Christianity. Jesus became enough for us.

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