I have a sister named Karli. She’s 23 years old and married to her husband, Ricky. Earlier this year, They were blessed with two beautiful foster kids. Marie who is 2, and Jacob who is 3. Jacob has bottle rot, which is when sugars decay the teeth. They both have gone through things no kids should ever go through. It is heartbreaking to know they haven’t always been as loved as they should be. I’m extremely close to them. This weekend, Karli and Ricky are out of town. My parents and I are watching them.

Marie and Jacob are sleeping in the room next to me, so I can hear everything they are saying. I heard Jacob whining and Marie saying “mommy!” I decided to go in and let them know that I’m here in the other room and that they aren’t alone. I picked up Marie and rocked her in my arms for a little bit. As she was falling asleep, I was telling Jacob that I’m in the next room and he doesn’t need to be scared. I put Marie back in bed, told them I loved them, then went back into my room.

I began to think about how much I really do love them. They came into my life less than a year ago, and I already couldn’t imagine my life without them. Most importantly, they have taught me that it’s possible to love someone who isn’t biologically in your family.

As some of you may already know, I’ve struggled with fear of being unwanted. I have always felt like, “Well, if my own mom didn’t want me before she knew me, why would anyone else?” Having these kids be a part of my family have helped me defeat this lie. I would do anything for these kids. I love them no matter how much they whine, cry, and disobey. There wouldn’t be anything they could do to make me not love them. I have realized that I am loved. It doesn’t matter if my family and I are blood-related. We are family. No matter what I do, they will never stop loving me.

8 thoughts on “I’M A FOSTER AUNT

  1. Ashley your writings are incredible! You truly are an exceptional young lady and I hope you know how much your writings are helping not only you, but so many more people in one way or another who read your blogs. I’m Blessed to have met you and I thank God every day for you and your family. May God continue to Bless you.

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  2. I love your writings! You share deep parts of your thoughts and heart. I remember the first day mom brought you to school…………so tiny and absolutely beautiful! And chosen!!! I remember how excited mom was! You keep writing,sharing and loving!! Love you precious!

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  3. Ashley, your writings are beautiful. Your ability to express those deep feeling are remarkable, they will get you all the places you want to be in life. I bet you are feeling so much better and can appreciate your life and where it has taken you to this point. Keep up loving because is shines out loudly. When we love we get love in return. Have a blessed day and weekend.

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  4. 😭😭😭I’m so thankful that God has used them to show you the TRUTH of how much you’re SOOO LOVED!!! In my own life, I’m soooo much closer to my sisters and brothers in Christ than my “blood” relatives, because there is nothing stronger than when Jesus binds hearts together💞🙌🏼💞☺️

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